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How to Become a Stringer

A stringer is a freelance journalist, photographer or videographer who contributes reports, photos or videos to a news organization on an ongoing basis. They are paid for each piece of published or broadcast work.

What is stringer in construction?

In journalism, stringers often cover a local area or topic for a news organization but may also be residents or experts in the region. They are usually paid on a commission basis.

Step 2 Purchase an ENG electronic news gathering package (camera, microphone, tripod). This is an essential tool for working on location as a stringer. Find out :

If you are building a home or commercial gym, a stringer may be used to mount pull-up rigs or squat racks into wood instead of a concrete or masonry surface. Installing a stringer first, and then screwing into it, is more effective than installing the rig directly into concrete or masonry. This way, the stress and vibration of the pull-up bar disperses equally to both studs.

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