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Xfce Vs KDE – Which Linux Desktop Environment Should You Choose?

When you’re looking to switch to Linux, it can be confusing which desktop environment you should go with. GNOME, xfce vs kde and LXDE are all popular choices, and each has its own strengths.


Xfce is one of the most popular Linux desktop environments for people who want to install a more basic system. It’s not as fast as some of the newer desktop environments, but it has a lot of functionality and is easy to customize.

It’s also a great choice for low-end computers with outdated hardware. In fact, many Linux distributions feature Xfce as their default desktop.


The KDE desktop environment is designed for users who want a flexible, customizable UI and a variety of configuration options. It uses components of Qt in tandem with GTK to create a user-friendly desktop environment that is easy to navigate and efficient to use.

Xfce vs KDE: Which Desktop Environment is Right for You

This makes it a great option for graphic designers, programmers, and anyone who needs to have a high level of customization in their system. In addition to its extensive configuration options, it offers a wide range of applications including web browsers and file managers.

Like GNOME, it is a free and open-source graphical interface (GUI) that runs on top of the Linux operating system. It’s highly reminiscent of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in appearance and can be easily customized in a variety of ways. Moreover, it has a large number of free and open-source applications that are available through the package repository.

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