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How to Save Money on German Translations

German is a widely spoken language throughout Europe, and yet German translation services are surprisingly affordable. The majority of translators charge approximately one thousand dollars per hour. The pricing is driven by the complexity of the task. Many people who need German translations do not know how to properly begin their search for a translator, which often leads them to hire a freelance translator with little or no experience in this area. This often results in poor-quality work, as well as an inability to fully realize the scope of your German service.


There are several ways that people can make their German translations more affordable. Many companies provide ready-made templates with complete materials, allowing the translator to simply fill in the information and use a template to create a translated document. For many people, this is a convenient method, but it doesn’t always provide a high-quality translation. Many companies require their translators to submit a high-school diploma or have extensive training to ensure that the final product is a professional translation. This is not only a bit expensive, but it can be time-consuming for some people, especially those who only need a single page translated in order to receive a special invitation or understand a complex document.


The most effective way to get around the expense issue when choosing a German translation company is to pay for the translation only once. By buying a translation in advance, you can guarantee that it will be done properly. You can also request that a proofreading of the finished document to be performed once it has been completed. By checking the many online reviews of companies who offer German translations and translation services, you can find the best one to work with based on recommendations from other native speakers. This ensures that you get the highest quality translation that reflects the exact phrasing of the original German text.

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