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Horse Cream For Pain

From snail mucin to horse cream for pain milk, we’ve seen plenty of bizarre beauty ingredients. But horse cream for pain might be the most practical yet. It’s derived from the fat of horses and has been used as an effective moisturizer for centuries in places like Northeast Asia, where it’s still popular today. It’s also known to protect skin from damage by absorbing UVB radiation and eliminating reactive oxygen species that cause cell death, thereby improving the ability of skin to regenerate and heal itself.

Whether your horse is recovering from a hard workout or has been working on strenuous conditioning, the strain on deep muscle tissue and ligaments can take a toll. Horse liniments can help ease these sore muscles and improve movement, so your equine partner can get back in motion.

Navigating Pain Relief: What to Know About Taking CBD and Ibuprofen Together

Formula 707 Professional Horse + Rider Joint & Muscle Liniment (formerly InMotionPRO) is an advanced equine topical pain relief product that blocks more pain, decreases inflammation and lasts longer. It is also safe to use under leg wraps, made for direct skin contact and ompliant with FEI banned substances lists.c

For the best results, massage this liniment deeply into your horse’s legs, hocks, stifles and back. It’s DYE and FRAGRANCE FREE, so it can be used as part of your daily grooming routine. With the right care, your equine companion will be able to get back in the game, performing at their peak.

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