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Close Protection Officers

Close protection service (CPS) is the most important asset in any company. It offers a full range of close protection services, which include:

Factors to Consider When You Hire Bodyguard in London

A close protection officer (CPO) is an individual with specialized skills who provides security for corporate or private clients. They work in conjunction with a security team and a designated driver. A CCTV surveillance system is the most common technology used by a CPO, with some working in tandem with IP CCTV technology. A CCTV system helps to monitor suspicious activity and monitor employees as required under the direction of a CCTV surveillance supervisor.

A CCTV security company may choose to recruit ‘agents’ to pose as customers. The agents would be deployed to shoplift from the store and monitor staff as required under the direction of the principal. The concept of employing a close protection service was pioneered in the UK in the early nineties. It was a joint project between a large security company and a shoplifting Prevention Team. As a deterrent to shoplifters, the principle offers the ultimate challenge by deploying team members dressed in black shirts emblazoned with the words ‘SOLID GOLD’. equipment and any training provided to the bodyguards. This ensures that only those individuals who are best suited for the job are hired, and the service reflects this fact by paying a competitive rate. In order to find the most suitable close protection service for your needs, you should research firms both locally and online, allowing you to compare prices and features.

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