Day: October 16, 2022

How to Qualify For French As a Foreign Language TuitionHow to Qualify For French As a Foreign Language Tuition

If you do not speak French, you can enroll in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes. Depending on your level, these classes can take a semester or even longer. International students are welcome to take these classes if space is available. It is important to have a teacher’s approval before enrolling.

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FLE tuition may be different than traditional tuition, but the amount you pay must reflect the costs to the institution. The governing board of a higher education institution can set their tuition rates. These rates may be a fixed amount or a percentage. Typically, the amount of tuition you pay will not be more than what you pay for three semester credit hours at a traditional institution.

In order to qualify for FLE tuition, each parent or guardian household must complete a separate application and submit the required documents. ICS takes into account the available resources of each family to determine if you qualify for the tuition assistance program. It also believes that the contribution of each family is based on the family’s ability to pay. FLE tuition is completely confidential, so a child’s parents will not know what the other parent is making.

In addition to being eligible for FLE tuition, you can apply for tuition deferment. This option is available to international and domestic students. The only difference is the payment plan that you will be eligible for. ICS expects you to carefully review your application, so make sure to provide accurate information.