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IGCSE Chemistry Group Tuition

Chemistry is a very competitive subject and one that requires a strong grasp of content, knowledge and skills. Without a clear understanding, many students struggle with concepts such as atomic structure and chemical equations. Our expert IGCSE Chemistry tutors have extensive experience in coaching students in an engaging and rigorous way that leads to top marks. We focus on developing conceptual knowledge, improving exam technique and building up key technical skills for any student.

How much is an A * in IGCSE?

There are two variants of the IGCSE Chemistry group tuition course; Core chemistry (0620) and extended chemistry (0971). Both courses have a similar curriculum but differ in their assessment approach. The IGCSE core chemistry course is assessed internally by the school whereas the IGCSE extended chemistry course is examined externally by an approved exam centre.

The IGCSE chemistry exam has a maximum mark of 80 marks for both papers and is taken over one hour and fifteen minutes. The question paper 1 consists of 50% theory which is worth 80 marks and the questions are short and structured. The question paper 2 is based on the Core chemistry syllabus and the question paper 3 is based on the Extended chemistry syllabus.

Many of the topics such as stoichiometry and mole concept involves a lot of numerical practice. We have found that when students practice numerical efficiently their overall score improves significantly. Our every IGCSE chemistry home tutors in Delhi and Noida pays special attention to these topics.

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