Day: October 9, 2023

Choosing Temporary Stage PlatformsChoosing Temporary Stage Platforms

temporary stage platforms

A temporary stage platform can add a professional and polished look to any event or space. However, there are many considerations to keep in mind when selecting a staging system. It’s important to choose a complete kit that meets your needs. This includes decks, ramps, stair units and optional accessories. The right system will also provide you with the flexibility to expand your stage build as needed to accommodate a variety of performance types and venue sizes. Read more

When comparing stage systems, you should focus on the durability and quality of the decking. The material used should be able to handle dynamic forces created by dancing, jumping and cheering. It should also have a surface that can resist damage from frequent use and repeated setups and breakdowns.

Safety First: Ensuring Stability on Temporary Stage Platforms

Choosing a modular system with an all-aluminum frame can offer you the maximum versatility for your staging requirements. Quik Stage portable stages are designed to be able to configure as flat stages, multilevel stages and even tiered seating for a larger audience. They come with a hardwearing anti-slip Hexa texture finish that is fine with occasional rainfall and easy to clean. The decks are also designed to be able to accept a wide range of floor surfaces and have leg units that can be adjusted to your desired height.

In addition, each platform should include a means of egress such as a ladder or alternating tread device. You should also ensure that your stage has fire-resistance-rated construction. Sprinklers are required in dressing rooms, performers lounges and shop areas accessory to the stage.