Day: July 2, 2022

One Day Tattoo Studio London ReviewOne Day Tattoo Studio London Review

One Day Tattoo Studio London

A review of the tattoo studio One Day Tattoo Parlour London provides a detailed overview of the experience and services provided by this establishment. The tattoo studio is located on the North End Road in West London, and has been in business since 2007. It employs award-winning artists who specialize in black and grey designs, classical portraits, Celtic and Tribal tattoos, and more. While the studio encourages appointments, walk-ins are welcome, too.

You Can Book Your Appointment In Advance

Located in King’s Cross, the studio is open seven days a week and offers free consultations. The majority of tattoos are done by appointment. The studio has a classical, eclectic, and old school aesthetic. Its resident artists include Sergio Terrakiu, who specializes in Japanese tattoos. Another resident artist, Carou Chiarellie, is renowned for her neo-traditional style. Whether you want a tiger tattoo or something more traditional, this London studio has the artists and experience to make a great tattoo.

The One Day Tattoo Studio London is a cosy, intimate environment where guests can get their tattoos done in a professional manner. The studio features a roster of celebrity clients, including pole dance instructor Dan and his late brother Nikole. A man-to-man chat with Dan reveals how much his mother influenced his tattoo style. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and many clients end up returning for a second tattoo.