Featuring violinist Eric Halen and pianist Scott Holshouser

Preforming music by Janacek, Vaughan Williams and Ravel

About Musica Tra Amici
With Musica Tra Amici, we want to take you back in time to when the bulk of classical chamber music was written. Television, cell phones, and computers were non-existent. Social events at this time often centered on the performing of chamber music in the home. Details… »




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“Beauty is not about what is pretty. Beauty is about what is real, raw, honest, and true.Our modern world does not require physical interaction with the wild and its creatures.  As city walls form around us, there is a loss of connection to the natural world and ultimately to ourselves as human beings. In my current body of work, both the primitive and the modern world are at battle. I am visually working to express these feelings through both the connection and disconnection to creation.  In my work you may see: white with worn, plastic with rust, and torn with sewn. I am challenging the viewer to journey beyond their concrete walls and connect to something greater than themselves.”

-Rachel Schwind Gardner

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"Intuition II"

“Life’s Light II”



Patricia Blackwell~Carolyn Marks Johnson~Selene Melendez~Hadeel Mujarkesh
Patrick Palmer~Romeo Robinson~Sally Terrell Smith~Cynthia Jean Wisener.

Patricia Blackwell: Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Patricia was influenced greatly by her uncle, Warren Blackwell, a commercial artist in New York City. She moved to Houston, Texas and worked in the oil industry, where she met her future husband, Carsten Westergaard and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. After 20 years, they returned to Houston, along with their son, Thor. This is where Patricia’s interest in art surfaced after taking several courses at Glassell School of Art. She gravitated to portrait/figure drawing, using mixed media, especially collage with pan pastels with the goal to first create a realistic likeness and then to distort it by manipulation. She sees herself as a novice artist on a long journey with a definite destination.

Carolyn Marks Johnson: Recent graduate of The Glassell School of Art has studied a number of years under Patrick Palmer. A native of North Carolina, she lived her adult life in Texas. Using her favorite media, watercolors and acrylic she paints the human body because of its beauty and women were not allowed to until the Twentieth Century. Carolyn is a retired Texas District Judge and a docent for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Selene Melendez: Selene was born and raised in Toluca, Mexico. She holds a degree in Architecture from the University of the State of Mexico.Selene’s interest in painting grew, so she attended painting workshops for several years with renowned artists like Ignacio Barrios, Alfredo Nieto, Lhis Nishisawa to name a few. Selene’s work has been shown in more than thirty exhibits around Mexico. Her taste for art has led her to experience different ways of artistic expression with deep sensibility, freedom and esthetic.

Hadeel Mujarkesh: Hadeel was born in Damascus, Syria. Her interest in art was inspired by her father and uncle, who were both artists. With her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus and continuing at The Glassell School of Art in Houston, she developed new ideas and visions. With her focusing on different world events, Hadeel continues to work toward drawing attention toward humanitarian causes.

Patrick Palmer: Patrick began his education in 1972 at the Chapman College, Orange, CA, continuing on to World Campus Afloat, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. His goal is to engage a viewer in his subject matter using color and brush strokes. Once he has them looking at the characters Patrick wants a story to unfold right before their eyes. By using different expressions and slight stances in their body language Patrick wants to capture moods and emotions that may reflect those of the viewers. A successful painting is where Patrick has succeeded in capturing the illusion of emotion.

Romeo Robinson: Romeo was born in New York City and moved to Houston in the mid 1980’s. Eight of his years has been spent in the USAF traveling the world. His formal art training started at the Germain School of Photography in New York. He has continued his training under Joe Clark and Ken Luce at San Jacinto College, Ken Mazzu, Patrick Palmer, Stephanie Martz and Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak at The Glassell School of Art in Houston.

Sally Terrell Smith: Sally was born and raised if Fort Worth, Texas. She earned a B. A. and M. A. in English Literature at Rice University, and studied medieval English poetry at the University of Texas in Austin. Sally loves to draw people, especially their faces. Her aim is to reveal what’s going on inside people through lines, colors, textures as well as their expressions, gestures and stance. Her choice of media are soft pastels, pan pastels, NuPastels, colored pencils, erasures and tinted gesso on paper and canvas.

Cynthia Jean Wisener: Cynthia was born in Calgary, Canada and has attended every type of school imaginable from public, private, one room school, boarding school, Jesuit University in Japan, The University of Toront, B.A. and Calgary Masters Courses in Anthropology and Communications. Her art education began at the Alberta College of Art and Design prior to moving to Houston, Texas where she continued her education at The Glassell School of Art. She has always engaged in practical arts, sewing her own clothes, ceramic pottery which evolved into sculpture.

Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 5th
7 ~ 9 PM.
Exhibit Dates:
March 5th ~ April 5th, 2015