Jaz Croped


  There are many entrances to any experience and they inevitably split into a winding of passages. These passages, or portals, manifest physically around us in many different forms such as doorways and mirrors but also manifest in our senses where they can connect us to realms beyond our own. The mind is a gateway resting on a threshold and is begging to be crossed.


June 4th  ~  June 28th, 2015


Thursday, June 4th

7pm  ~  9pm




 Featuring bass-baritone Timothy Jones, pianist Brian Connelly and violinist Eric Halen.

Preforming All Schubert Program

About Musica Tra Amici
With Musica Tra Amici, we want to take you back in time to when the bulk of classical chamber music was written. Television, cell phones, and computers were non-existent. Social events at this time often centered on the performing of chamber music in the home. Details… »




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“Beauty is not about what is pretty. Beauty is about what is real, raw, honest, and true.Our modern world does not require physical interaction with the wild and its creatures.  As city walls form around us, there is a loss of connection to the natural world and ultimately to ourselves as human beings. In my current body of work, both the primitive and the modern world are at battle. I am visually working to express these feelings through both the connection and disconnection to creation.  In my work you may see: white with worn, plastic with rust, and torn with sewn. I am challenging the viewer to journey beyond their concrete walls and connect to something greater than themselves.” Held over for one extra week.

-Rachel Schwind Gardner

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