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Paper Cuts II, “DEEPER” is closing on Sunday, August 31, 2014, and Gallery M Squared would like to acknowledge several individuals who made the exhibition a huge success.

Our jurors, Mr. Patrick Palmer, Dean, and Studio School Faculty Chair as well as Department Head of Art History at the Glassell School of Art, and Mr. John de la Cruz a member of the Art Colony Association’s Board of Directors, producers of the Bayou City Art Festivals held twice each year. Without their combined eye the array of talented artists presented would not have come together, and we thank them for their time, energy, and for all they do to make the Houston Arts Community a more vibrant, and beautiful community to be a part of.

The amazing artists who worked to create new works for this exhibition, and their families who support them in their creative undertakings are to be commended. Each of you is so appreciated, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you bring to the arts community here in Houston.

A very special “THANK YOU” is in order for Mr. Edward Gafford to whom we at Gallery M Squared oweso much. Mr. Gafford made all 68 of the presentation frames for this exhibition. With out support from individuals such as Mr. Gafford, we would beunable to achieve our goals in a timely manner. If you have ever sat on one of our green benches, viewed art on our green walls,  held on to the banister, or watched a movie inside of the Heights Theater, know that Mr. Edward Gafford supported you as well. We gain so much from his knowledge, experience, and generosity in his support for the arts community. Be on the look out for more artist support coming your way from this amazing individual.

As always, we thank the public for their support, and remind ourselves, it is for the public’s appreciation, and enjoyment, we do what we do.

Max B. Harrison

Michael P. Kubis

Gallery M Squared


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  • Stephanie

    Even after over 10+ years of collecting from Gallery M Squared, I am still excited every time I walk in the door for a new exhibition. The passion for art and offering a space for artists to share their narratives with an audience shines through out the gallery. It is what keeps me coming back time and time again.

  • Jason Piszczatowski

    Well said Max! It’s great to read the backstory behind your path into the arts, truly inspirational. I look forward to hearing more stories from artists at Gallery M Squared and sharing some of my own. Cheers!





 by: Max B. Harrison

I have been asked by several individuals to give explanations about our gallery, and the exhibitions we present. Some works by participating artists in this year's Paper Cuts II, ""DEEP" exhibition are included as a form of caffeine for those who choose to read my ramblings and doubling as examples of work we exhibit.

Gallery M Squared seeks out, and accepts works for exhibition based on submissions, individual or group commitment to the arts, and/or individual concepts. Working with comprehension, honest expectations, set limitations, and a clear goal, we assist those with vision, and understand, “presentation is paramount.” We encourage relationships between artist, galleries, and art patrons from Houston and beyond.

This year's jurors for our annual open call are, Dean and Studio Faculty Chair of the Glassell School of Art and John de la Cruz, member of the Art Colony's Association, Board of Directors. Their selections were based on any work executed by the artist and submitted on plain printer paper. Our jurors used these examples as a means of acceptance into the exhibition. Basic elements such as  texture, value range, balance, editing, repetition, juxtaposition, and line make up the core criteria for selected works.

Hillaree Hamblin Hillaree HamblinMy eye owns what it sees, and it is my obligation as a gallerist to present, exhibit, and encourage works of every genre which catch my attention in some form or fashion. This is my job, and I take it seriously.  As an individual I have been influenced by art my entire life and I owe so much of this blessing to my grandmother who was forever painting, creating small sculpture of papier-mache or river stones, whatever she could find, or working with her piano students on their lessons. Her house was filled with creativity, and I loved my summer visits.  "Art speaks of who we are. Focus and refocus your vision, look within, to discover the symbols, colors, and the hidden meaning of your message.That's a great rooster Max!" I still hear her words.

At the age nine my father died, and his words come to me when I get down on Tarina FrankTarina Frankmyself, or am dissatisfied, "Max, you can't be an artist, you should be an engineer, or a geologist. These are respectable positions.” I wasn't discouraged by my father from creating art, but by no means was I encouraged to do so. It has taken my lifetime to begin to, and maybe understand why he felt the way he did. He witnessed his mother, my "Granna" raise five children alone after the death of his father, her husband. I have a few cherished paintings by Martha Harrison with hand written price tags of .15 and .25 cents barely visible on their backs. I feel he simply saw his mother as suffering to make a living, and wanted something more for himself and his children. He too owned what his eyes saw.

Carlo Fantin Carlo FantinAfter working in construction I finally landed a position with Sears, where I worked in shipping and receiving until I could no longer endear the corporate setting, so I headed to New Orleans. This is where I started working in productions and was able to find work at Hunt Production Company, Blaine Kern Studios, and Mardi Gras Producitons building sets, assisting with events, working with different crews on floats, commercials, and a couple of movies et cetera, you know, fun stuff. In the late 80's my mother became very ill, so I moved home to give her the care she had given me. At some point she asked me to finish my education. It took me a long time to keep my promise, but I did. She didn't get to see me graduate with honors from the University of Saint Thomas Houston, Texas. She did get to see me begin my journey, and my promise kept me going, I was going to be a geologist.

Randall MosmanRandall MosmanI butt heads a lot, and in college I made it half way through the geology department before I was informed by the Chair of the Department, "I was not cut of the right cloth." He asked me if I needed help withdrawing from the university, so I informed him I did not require any help changing my major, and I went and declared Art History as my new core and tossed in Theology, and Philosophy as minors for good measure. At that moment I know I had been denying myself a true passion. Moving forward, and never looking back I have had the opportunity to meet amazing individuals, all of whom have inspired, and motivated me to listen more closely to the stories artists tell. I work with love, honesty, and integrity for the benefit of other like-minded people, artists, patrons, and those wishing to hear the stories, or have that one on one conversation with an artist by examination of their work. To aid in these narratives is a true joy for me, so I embrace it, and throw all I have into it.

Juan Aaron Castillo Juan Aaron CastilloWe opened Gallery M Squared in 2001 and are always amazed with what challenges each day brings. My personal goals have been reached, and my dreams far surpassed because of the people I have encountered. Artists, and patrons alike bring so much to the community, and we are happy to a part of this community. I wish to help tell the stories of many, and we as a gallery are doing just that. We provide information for those who ask, and share freely our knowledge and understanding of presenting an exhibition. We are here to share with all who walk in, and encourage each of you ask the question, "What does it mean?"

"This is the Power of Art."

Header detail by: Luton, Nancy. "Remnants IV" 2014. Mixed media on paper. Gallery M Squared.

Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Here are some images, and a heart felt "THANK YOU" for everyone

involved with DANGER DANGER! What an awesome time we had.

Gallery M Squared - Sarah Whatley - Sciborg & the Robopimps - One Good Lung -
The Humbuckers - Daniel Jacob Martinez - Sonya Gracia

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the following individuals who work so hard.




   -   ARTICLE & BLEEK   -


Sid and Yamin Rebel Jewely 
Zenful Creations,
Catfish Customs 
Rosales Art Gallery 
Linkster Love
Tiny Tings
Vincent Fink Originals 
Article's Daily Bread 
Christian's Glass
1 stop Por Favor 
Omars Love Tshirts 
Carey TUTUS 






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…an evening of dangerous minds & deviant lifestyles




A night of Art & Music presented by:

Sarah Whatley 

Gallery M Squared


One Good Lung

Aimee - guitar, vocals, vibrator
Melissa - bass, vocals
Todd - drums
Blair - theremin

Sciborg & the Robopimps



Dress code:
No, nondescript threads allowed.

Art installation by:
Simply Smashing Sarah so hopes, Max B. Harrison

More art:
A final viewing of Paper Cuts II "DEEP"

Nice Bites – Libations – Dancing Freaks -- and -- Great Fun

What else do we need?

Once capacity is reached doors are locked.

Parking is going to be a (B I T C H) so find a spot in the surrounding neighborhood and walk.



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More talent exhibited in Paper Cuts II, “DEEP” RICHARD CUTSHALL




Artist Richard Cutshall is often referred to as, “an artists’ artist.”  His work commands respect and reflects his mastery of many mediums.  His studio is a maze of relics and materials.  Remnants of his obsessive studio practices hang in the air and he leaves a trail of charcoal dust in his wake.  In his studio he gravitates to drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.   On any given day you might find him working on a large scale drawing that spans half his painting studio, or you might find him tinkering by a tiny light at his small print studio desk, or he might be laying down bones in his dusty patio sculpture area.

It seems Cutshall was born to make art, as if this urge to create links back to an elemental time and place.  Cutshall’s earliest memories are of drawing; using it as a way to understand the frightening aspects of the world around him. Today that use of art as a way of gaining understanding continues, he describes his work as “a kind of self-exorcism.”

He is constantly exhibiting work and his vast exhibition record includes over 50 group and solo shows, both nationally and internationally. Numerous private and public collections include his work.  He is currently represented by Metallo Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico and by the Portland Rental Sales Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

He shares artist studios, 3 Spirits Studio with his wife (and artist), Jennifer Gillia Cutshall, their two cats, and their Great Dane in the hauntingly, inspired Northwestern region of the United States.

When asked to comment on his work, his process, and his new website viewers, he had this to say:

“Through my work I feel connected to a community of art makers; from ancient cultures to my contemporary counterparts. My compulsion to create pushes me across mediums and materials while challenging me to examine the boundaries set by my own aesthetic concerns.

Technically, it is important to me that the quick reflexive nature of my methods be evident in the work, both in its construction and appearance.

I invite viewers into the shadows that haunt my psyche and hope that the mythos created through my work makes a lasting connection.”


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pat rosies

Pat & Rosie’s Night Sounds 90.1 FM KPFT Benefit @ Frenetic Theater !!! Featuring Local Music and Art and Film Showing of “The Littlest Flame” theatrical !!!!!

This sounds like fun! Click the image for details.


New Series

This is a part of my newest series I’m working on.  Ghost of the Lilies, 8″ x 10″, Graphite on Paper, 2014


Girl Meets Art

  Hello friends, I’ve just begun to blog about my adventures as an artists supporting other artists in Houston.  Please feel free to check it out and join in the conversation about art.    

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Gallery M Squared is an art gallery dealing in original art by local, national, and international artists, located in Houston’s historic Heights district. Welcome to our official online headquarters.

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Gallery M2

Gallery M Squared became recognized for efforts in community involvement as soon as we opened. Max and Michael care for the Heights as a historical work of art in itself. More importantly about the people of our community which make it great! There is a unique blend of culture that happens in the inner city. Gallery M Squared is recognized for being at the very heart of celebrating every bit of it!

We aim to embrace the city in which we are located and a focus on the culture upon which our exhibitions and collections are based.

The gallery maintains two exhibition spaces in the Houston Heights totaling more than 7,000 square feet where twelve to fourteen exhibitions are presented each year, many accompanied by publications.

Gallery M2
Gallery M2

“I’ve been to Gallery M Squared at least once every couple of months over the past two years. I love this gallery.

The art is always amazing…

There are great artists that make really unique pieces. The owner, Max, is usually walking around and he’s a lot of fun to talk to. He’ll tell you all about the history of the gallery. It may look closed on the outside sometimes. For the longest time I was intimidated and didn’t go inside. Once I realized they were actually open 10-6 I was so happy to just pop in while I was out shopping.

I just moved from Houston to Austin and I can honestly say that Gallery M is going to be one of the things I miss the most. Do yourself a favor, subscribe to them on Facebook or something and pay attention to all the different shows they have. You will NOT regret it.”

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Kari M.

“Consider the Gallery M2 for your next reception or party. My daughter and her husband choose the Gallery (Heights Theatre) for their wedding reception recently. It was a perfect place…

Max was great to work with and the facility was comfortable but not stuffy. All the guests had a great time, and the room can be blockquoteided into areas for a bar, dance floor, wedding cake and buffet line, etc. The artwork complemented the wedding venue.”

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Google+ User

“I am literally in love with Gallery M Squared, and not just because one of my art pieces is hanging on their walls. The relaxed fun feeling you get when you walk through those red doors is intoxicating.

Can’t thank Emily Sloan and Max Harrison enough for the chance of a lifetime. I will forever be in love with Gallery M and The Heights Area.”

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Caitlin W.